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LED Lighting: Outdoor, Commercial & Industrial

Evluma manufactures rugged solid state illumination (LED) products that save energy, reduce light pollution and curtail maintenance costs.

Evluma products assist utility districts, electric companies, contractors and consumers to retrofit, recycle and eliminate hazardous mercury waste.

From the forefront of high flux photographic light source design, Evluma's engineers understand the challenges facing today's energy landscape and the need for environmentally low impact solutions.

We use our extensive experience to continually challenge the latest products within the lighting industry, finding the best solutions.

The AreaMax: The Utility Standard in Area & Security Lighting

This revolutionary new 93 lm/W luminaire is much more than a light - includes a dusk-till-dawn fail-safe. Now DLC Qualified!


Our products are recommended for a variety of applications.

  Dusk-till-Dawn LED Retrofits Recessed Can 8" LED Retrofit
  Ballast-in-Arm LED Retrofits General Purpose LED Retrofit

Clearlight installed at Organic Farm Clearlight installed at Storage Facility Clearlight at night
Customer Applications: area lighting at an organic farm, at a self storage facility, and as a residential security light.

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